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We Like Sharing about Caring.

Our Podcast Shares Creative Content

from the Hearts

and Imaginations of Caregivers.

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My Why:

My wife and daughter have

Huntington’s disease,

a rare terminal illness

that is described as

a combination of Parkinson’s,

Alzheimer’s and ALS.

As a caregiver,

I seek to nurture

a community of creative caregivers

who see creating something

beautiful in audio form

as a cathartic

and therapeutic way

to deal with their emotions

and to inspire others.


Because you are a caregiver, I want to hear about what you’re going through. Or how you feel about the person you are caring for. What you share could be happy, funny or sad. It could be about how tired you feel. Or how lonely. Or hopeful. Or how much you love the person. Your emotions are fuel. Tap into them and share something creative you’ve written. It must be in one of these genres: a poem, a song, a piece of music, a short reflection, a spoken-word piece, a short fiction story, or a short play. It must be original. It also must be something relatively short: once recorded, it will be no more than 5 minutes long. In other words, no 40-page essays. It also must be something that will end up in audio form, so no videos.

And, by the way, I am also interested in considering content from those who are the recipients of the love and care of a caregiver. In other words, I would love to consider content that shares about how caregivers are impacting your lives.


I am only interested in reading your content. So please attach a Word document with what you have written and send it by email to


Due to the number of submissions, I will only get back to you if your work is accepted. If accepted, my hope is that you can record your work into your phone or computer and then email the MP3 file to me at If the content is a short play, I will arrange for actors to read the play and record it as a radio drama. Your content will then be used in a future episode of the podcast.

About me:

My name is Carlos BriceƱo.

I am a journalist, a playwright,

a podcaster, a blogger

and a caregiver.

I write a weekly column

on my caregiving journey

at the following site: